Video: Company Overview for Prime Consulting International Ltd

This company overview for Prime Consulting International Ltd was created in September 2018 using footage shot during a trip to Afghanistan. Prime specialises in designing and implementing international development projects/programmes.

Words: The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities

This short piece on Christchurch-based Gap Filler founders Coralie Winn, Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Just appeared in the Urban Heroes section of The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities, a book published in 2018.


Copywriting: The Christchurch Story, ChristchurchNZ

Being from Christchurch, I was delighted to be hired as a copywriter by ChristchurchNZ to help develop ‘The Christchurch Story’ – a resource aimed at helping locals promote the city as a great place to visit, live, study, work and do business.

Words: Small House Design, Home Magazine


Small yet robust.

Mitchell Coll designed two compact homes to fit on a 300-square-metre site in Christchurch. The design was inspired by his time spend in backcountry huts in New Zealand. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mitchell for Home Magazine.

Read the story here.

Words: Gran's Place, North & South

My partner Joe and I met Noeline Sincock through a friend during a holiday in the Marlborough Sounds. The 86-year-old had a good story to tell. Joe shot some photos and our story appeared in North and South.


Audio-Visual Slideshow: The Meter Reader and the Photographer

Derek Smith has been a meter reader in New Zealand for more than 30 years. He deliberately chose this job so he could pursue his vocation as a social documentary-style photographer. You can hear Derek explain his career choice, and check out his striking and clever images here.

Radio: The medical advisers who bring Shortland Street’s hospitals to life, Monocle 24

I visited the set of New Zealand medical drama Shortland Street to meet a nurse who advises actors on how to treat their fictional patients - a job that involves fake blood, pretend CPR and a fair amount of pig skin. I also spoke with actors Sam Bunkall and Sally Martin. The interviews aired on London-based show Monocle 24’s weekly Culture show, which you can hear here.